Finding online confidential therapy as an influencer and high profile personality?

Making the decision to start therapy is difficult for many people. As a Therapist, Online CBT Therapy and EMDR Therapy, I understand how difficult it can be to reach out to a professional when something is troubling us.

As a TV personality, Actor or Internet Influencer, being on the crest of the wave constantly, it’s exhausting. and you have the right to seek online therapy support and to be confidential.

And whether you’re feeling low, struggling with the pressure of your position, having problems with sleeping or anxiety, or have an old habit or pattern that you want to break from, it can feel very vulnerable to put your trust into another person.

This can sometimes feel even more uncomfortable and scary if you’re a person who lives much of their life in the public eye, and understandable you would feel more vulnerable.

Any one in that position would have privacy concerns, which are valid for everyone, no matter their background or status, but I understand that they may feel like a very heavy burden for high-profile clients such as politicians, professional athletes, doctors, celebrities and influencers, seeking for psychotherapy or counselling.

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Can a counsellor or psychotherapist share my information? - If I am seeking Therapy for Influencers

Short answer, they should NOT!, but with a caveat, keep reading!

You may be concerned about data protection, safeguarding your identity, whether you will run into a person who will recognise you at your therapist’s office, and of course there is the crucial question of whether you can really trust your therapist or counsellor?

These are all valid concerns, and you have every right to express them.

There have been so cases in the media that some high-profile clients attending psychotherapy have experienced a betrayal of trust in the past, so they are particularly suspicious that they might experience a similar betrayal of trust again, and understandably so.


If you are a potential High-Profile Client who relates to any of these concerns, then please let me start by reassuring you that as accredited profession, within the BABCP and the NMC, I am dedicated to deliver online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and remote Eye Movement Desensitisation Repossessing Therapist.

I deliver high quality online therapy and adhere to strict codes of conduct, as well as having in place mechanism to protect your privacy and keep our sessions together completely confidential.

It goes without saying, I would never disclose the names of any influencer, VIP, politician or any high-profile clients, and I will never disclose whether you are a client of mine. Primarily, because I would not want my own therapist to do so, even when I am not going to be recognised by anyone.

If you, as the client, would refer to me in an interview or mention me in some way, I would still not make your identity to be available, I still will not disclose your identity or confirm whether you are a client or not. And I would have to think very hard about it, even if I had been instructed me to do so. As, I would keep in mind my other clients and the possible repercussions.

Once we commence, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / Online CBT Therapy / Remote EMDR Light Therapy, session with me, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are in a safe space where you can speak freely, express your emotions, process your thoughts and feelings, and embrace your healing journey with confidence and security. Your confidential therapy and online therapy privacy is so important, and as a professional therapist, I will always protect your privacy and safeguard your identity and information.

Confidentiality is a respected part of any therapist’s code of ethics. All professional psychotherapists understand the importance of client confidentiality. We understand that in order for people to feel comfortable talking about private and revealing information, they need a safe place to talk about anything they’d like, without having any fear of that information leaving the room.

When can an Online Therapist share my informantion?

By law, there are some limits to the rules of confidentiality, which professional therapists have to adhere to as a promise to safeguard the safety of our clients and the public. We have the duty to protect the public, and report any crimes, this duty is an important part of our code of ethics.

We psychotherapists or counsellor, or any other professional working in health, are able to limit their agreement to confidentiality in any of these following circumstances:

  • There is an immediate Threat to Self
  • There is an immediate Threat to Others
  • There is an immediate Threat from Others
  • There is a Suspicion of Abuse to a child, dependent, elderly person or vulnerable person which requires the therapist to respect the Duty to Warn rule, in order to protect the victims.

We have these in place, because every life is important.

Outside of those exemptions, anything a client wishes to talk about in their online cbt counselling or therapy sessions will be treated with the strictest of Client Confidentiality and there are laws to make sure that your privacy is protected.

How can an online therapist or counsellor keep my private information safe?

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I have worked with various high-profile clients, including professional athletes, solicitors, corporate executives among others. If you are a high-profile individual in need of flexible psychotherapy, Online CBT Therapy or remote EMDR Therapy can help you to support you with mental health, day to day difficulties, work or sports performance or trauma recovery and healing.

I provide a safe, judgement-free space where you can share your thoughts, feelings, worries, stories, memories and traumas in a confidential and compassionate setting. And most importantly, flexibly. Most of the people I support continue to travel around due to work commitments, and wherever they are, we can ensure that our sessions go ahead. This is ideal therapy for influencers, as more and more people are working remotely or streaming from around the world.

I take the following extra steps to help ensure the privacy for all my clients:

  • I provide phone and/or video therapy, so celebrities (or anyone) never have to come to the office in person, and have flexibility and accessibility.
  • I use encrypted (meaning that it cannot be traced) video call and messaging service (zoom, webex, bilateralbase, skype, what ever is the preference).
  • I am not active on social media (from a personal use) because I take the privacy protection of myself very seriously, and more seriously my clients protection.
  • I will not disclose your identity or disclose details that can make you identifiable, unless I have obtained explicit prior consent to do so.
  • I have encryopted my laptop.

Extra protection if you wished to do so:

  • To use encrypted (meaning that it cannot be traced) email communication (when needed) please contact me on [email protected] . I use my own email [email protected] and this uses the server hosting.
  • I can use other services that are encrypted. I use google calendar to set reminders usually, as it has more features.
  • To use a high-security VPN service (Virtual Private Network) so that my online communications and therapy work with my clients are hidden and protected from potential hackers, snoops, media threats or public networks. (sometimes VPNs may slow internet speed impacting on video, however, it is not always the case)

Potential requests (if requested):

  • To sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) documents to protect your privacy. It goes without saying that this is not necessary as the regulatory bodies that rule my practice have specific guidelines and standard of practice on this area. So, if I was to breach confidentiality, I could potentially lose my professional registration, and that is very important for me. Nonetheless, if you were to request this there would be always the exception of information that relates to protect the public, yourself or to report a crime that has been disclosed, which had occurred or that you plan to commit. (A charge for me to review the NDA with a solicitor will incur and this will be pass on to you fully)
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What do I get from a therapist if I am an influencer?

When High Profile Clients seek consultation with me, it’s so important that they feel able to trust me as their Online CBT and EMDR Therapist, because everyone deserves to be able to speak freely and openly about what is troubling them.

Every client deserves to have their feelings, thoughts, memories, words and information be kept in a trusted place by their therapist or counsellor. This allows for a deeper sense of inquiry and exploration during your online psychotherapy. This safety really helps to build trust between client and therapist, and it facilitates depth and progress in the therapeutic healing work that we do together as a team.

How do I find a counsellor and psychotherapist if I am an influencer or celebrity?

More often than not, this is done word of mouth.

However, if you identify as a High-Profile Individual who is seeking confidential therapy, flexivble to be able to meet your needs, you are in the right place.

I can offer you a free consultation if you would like to have a chat to me about any privacy concerns, or if you have any questions that you would like answered. Also, this will give me the opportunity to know if I can be of any help to you.

If you’d like to find out a little more about me, or online CBT Therapy, or EMDR Therapy, or what I do then just read on my site.

And please feel free to get in touch by emailing me to:

[email protected]

[email protected] (fully encrypted)

or click below.

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