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If you have reached this Blog entry, it may be that you are experiencing difficulties with OCD, or a loved one is experiencing these difficulties, and are looking for a registered Online Therapist for ERP and CBT Online therapist for OCD.

We are The Online Therapy Clinic – and we are expert therapists on online ERP for OCD and CBT for OCD.

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About Us - Online ERP Therapy for OCD

We have worked with many people experiencing OCD and their families, in the public and private sector. Now, we specialise in online therapy for OCD, among other areas. This way you can always have an ERP Therapist Near You, whenever and wherever you need it.

We are understanding not judgemental, and we have been working with people struggling and suffering with intrusive distressing thoughts for many years, as a CBT and ERP therapists in UK and remotely.

We are fully devoted to online therapy practice. We use video conferencing software, especially Online CBT Therapy for OCD, and it has been very successful, and the most recent research is showing that online therapy is as effective as face to face therapy.

Where most people would search an “erp therapist near me”, now as an online ERP therapist, we are neared to people than before. It has given people the opportunity to reach out and seek support without having to go through the ordeal of travelling, sitting in waiting areas, and other barriers that impacted on their wishes to change. Online ERP therapy gives the opportunity to balance all the aspects of your day to day life, without the need to sacrifice efficacy.

If you want to know how much ocd therapy cost, or what entails, we can have a free consultation for ERP therapy.

CBT for OCD could focus more on the Cognitive Therapy (CT), approaches such as Salkowski, or behavioural (Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)), such as Foa. These two surnames may not tell you anything, but these are two well know researchers. Research has shown that, CT focused CBT therapy for OCD has less dropout rate but is slightly less effective. ERP has higher dropout rate, but it is the gold standard that other treatments get measured against. Through my experience and interest, I have always preferred ERP. Especially, as ERP can be done imaginal (which is you contact me here, I will be happy to explain) and this is very useful tool when working online. However, in recent times I am using a mixture of both, as research shows that a combination of ERP and CT (which could be considered CBT, but this is a lengthier subject to discuss here) has better outcomes than either of them separately.

CBT is formulation driven, you can read on these by clicking here, and for us to be able to draw your individual roadmap, I use a drawing tablet/board that is connected to the PC and I can share it with you during the session and email it after.

We deliver Online Therapy for OCD using both approaches, as it appears to have better outcomes.

Is Online ERP Conselling for OCD right for You?

You or a loved one experience OCD, you must know how difficult is living with this condition. We only can say one word: Motivation. Motivation is the key, whether online or face to face, we work on motivation regularly with Sports Performance Anxiety as well and with CBT for Day to Day Challenges .

Online ERP therapy enables people to access an OCD therapist from the comfort of their home or anywhere and at any time.

Online ERP therapy helps to reduce the difficulties to deal with barriers for reaching your full potential. OCD therapy online helps you access good quality therapy and treat traumatic memories and associated symptoms.

If you would like to have a free consultation or start Online CBT and EMDR Therapy, please contact us today.

Find free information and a free ocd test.

Online ERP therapy helps to reduce the difficulties to deal with barriers for reaching your full potential. OCD therapy online helps you access good quality therapy and treat traumatic memories and associated symptoms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EMDR is a well research therapy initially designed for trauma. It differs from other therapies because it can be delivered using very little language. It is effective even when not disclosing your trauma to your therapist, this is called the “Silence Protocol”. This is ideal for high levels of shame.

It also can be used with other difficulties such as anxiety and peak performance.

EMDR can use imagery and be integrated with other approaches easily.

CBT is a well know therapy that is effective sleep, anxiety, trauma and performance.

It is an active therapy and it focusses in the maintaining factors of the difficulties.

CBT involves ERP, which is the gold standard therapy for OCD.

No, you don’t. However, we always recommend for people to reflect on what they want to take from sessions and/or what they would like to work on.

Therapy can last from 4 to 6 sessions for some people, and usually can take 8 to 14 sessions to work on specific areas. Sometimes, in complex cases session may be 20 to 30.

We are all individuals so best option would be to speak to one of our Mental Health Specialists.

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