Your Online Therapy

The path to your values.

01. Assessment
We begin online therapy with a detailed psychological assessment of your current problems. It involves talking about traumatic incidents, associated issues, and any other underlying vulnerabilities. We also look at sleep, eating, relationships and other areas of your life. The assessment may take a few sessions, and through it, we come up with a better understanding of you.
02. Formulation
This is an online therapy “road map”, created together with a shared understanding of how you got where you are, and what factors have played a part in your difficulties and strengths. The road map helps us to understand you better, your relationships and your social circumstances. This an ongoing process as things may come up through therapy. We then explore what you want to get from therapy and explore how we could work alongside to get there. We decide a treatment plan and begin your journey to become your best self.
03. Therapy Progress
We work to get you where you want to go with therapy. As a accredited online therapist, We work on interventions that meet your needs and tailor them according to your circumstances. Together we prepare and work on a plan to maintain and continue to be your best self after therapy ends. It is my holistic online therapy process that helps people achieve the goal of emerging out as better individuals.

Online Cognitive Behaioural Therapy, Remothe Therapy and Virtual EMDR.

Online CBT, Virtual CBT and Online EMDR reduce barriers to access good quality therapy and enable people and companies to access flexible and confidential therapy, any time and location