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Jaime G. Miralles

Healing with compassion, acceptance and flexibility.

I am passionate about supporting people and doing it in a way that suits them and their needs. As an Online CBT and EMDR Therapist, now more than ever, I believe that Online CBT Therapy is the best way forward for people to break free from cycles of negative thoughts, emotions, physical experiences and actions. 

I have a range of experience, from PTSD, childhood trauma, performance anxiety to difficulties with OCD, road traffic accidents, conflict, sleep and social anxiety. With the Online Therapy, you can change the unhelpful behaviours and thoughts that stop you from reaching your best self. 

I also have special interest in CBT for trauma, EMDR for trauma, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for OCD, CBT for Anxiety, CBT for sports performance and Situational performance, and especially interested in interventions. Hence, I am able to tailor-made therapy programs for people unique, non-diagnostic difficulties to the individual’s needs. 

My Commitment 

I am committed to providing the best treatment interventions to my clients and rely on using only evidenced-based. We first assess the difficulties you are facing and then develop a unique road map, to guide us through you becoming your best self.

Online CBT Therapy and EMDR Therapy enable people to access a specialist online therapist from anywhere and at any time. Also, I offer Integrative CBT Online Therapy, or thrid wave CBT.

Online Therapy reduces the difficulties of dealing with some of the barriers to access good quality therapy. With online therapy, for instance, there is no commute, sitting in a waiting area or not being able to find a good trauma therapist within your area.


If you are looking for online CBT therapy for business, you are also in the right place. Online CBT for companies can promote and reduce long term difficulty within employees. This can take the form of training, workshops, mental health consulting or 1 to 1 interventions.

If you would like to have a 15 – 20 minutes FREE informal chat or start Online CBT, also called Virtual CBT, and EMDR Therapy, please do not hesitate to Contact Me. (Important Notice: Links to external websites open in new windows).

You can also read about what to consider before doing Online CBT and EMDR therapy here.

If you are interested to know more about me, my experience and how I work, please visit the About Me page.

Online Therapy for Individuals, Business and More

If you would like to have 15 – 20 minutes FREE informal chat or start Online CBT Therapy, also called Virtual CBT, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

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