Online Therapy

What we do together for you to be your best self.

Online Therapy Approaches

Our service provides various approaches to therapy, all of them in a flexible and tailor-made manner over the internet.

We strive to provide the highest service we can, so you get what you need.

CBT is a well research practice, you can read on CBT theory and CBT approach.

We have extensive training and experience on CBT, as it has a vast evidence-based research. 

We work regularly with PTSD, trauma, sports performance, sleep, OCD and many other disorders.

We are passionate about delivering therapy that tailored made to individuals needs and values.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

EMDR one of the most recommended trauma therapies. You can read about Online Eye Movement Desensitation Reprocessing light therapy.

We are using more and more our practice. As we are supporting people with childhood trauma, and PTSD

EMDR sessions, for trauma, attachement focussed intervention or other interventions, can be of 50/60 minutes. Longer, 90 to 120 minutes, which helps with amount of processing in sessions. Or can take the form of intensive, more than one session a week. Read cost of online therapy.

Integrative CBT Therapy (Third Wave)

Integrative CBT Therapy (3rd wave CBT approach) is not always about learning skills or processing old memories, but rather a place to share, explore and come to new understandings.

We have further training on counselling courses, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Compassionate Focus Therapy for trauma and mindfulness, Aceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Online CBT therapy enables people to access a Specialist Therapist from anywhere and at any time

Online CBT Therapy reduce the difficulties of having to deal with some of the barriers to access good quality therapy