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Online CBT Counselling for Sleep – CBT-i

Online Sleep Therapy from Insomnia Therapists

Insomnia Treatment Online has shown great results for people from parents to managers and athletes.

Chronic insomnia (with symptoms lasting more than 6 months) is one of the most common sleep difficulties. It has been linked to be more present with people experiencing: heart problem, high blood pressure and breathing problems (Williams et al, 2013).

CBT for sleep, or CBT-I, has been highly researched and has been shown to be an effective treatment for some sleep disturbances (Riemann & Espie, 2018).

More often than not, and in the past, chronic insomnia has been taken as a secondary problem, and not really given the importance that it should (Williams et al, 2013).

Online insomnia therapy from specialist therapists is a great alternative to medication.

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online therapy for sleep CBT insomnia

As an Online Sleep Therapists, we always ask about sleep and first and foremost, we suggest to do some work on sleep if necessary, which may involve part of one session or a full session, and we review this in 2 – 3 weeks. Sometimes, this is straight forward and easy, other times it is harder to tackle at the beginning of CBT online sleep therapy. But it does not really matter, because time and time again we see therapy having better outcomes more often than not.

We have delivered specilised insomnia treatments to people of all walks and around the worls.

Also, online sleep therapy or CBT-I is a safer, and as effective, alternative to medication for insomnia. CBT for sleep targets the behaviours, believes and links between them, to effectively improve sleep (Williams et al, 2013).

CBT-I is a shorter intervention, over a longer period of time as changes happen in a slower pace. Therefore, when working with insomnia people may be seen every 2 – 3 weeks after a few first sessions.

Sometimes, insomnia is the cause of anxiety, hence CBT for insomnia may uncover an undelaying anxiety, and this would need to be dealt with in treatment to make significant change to the sleep disturbances. Hence, sessions may need to be more regular.

If you want to talk to an online sleep therapist to discuss online therapy for insomnia and have a 15 minute Free consultation surrounding CBT-I, contact us for a free consultation with an insomnia expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EMDR is a well research therapy initially designed for trauma. It differs from other therapies because it can be delivered using very little language. It is effective even when not disclosing your trauma to your therapist, this is called the “Silence Protocol”. This is ideal for high levels of shame.

It also can be used with other difficulties such as anxiety and peak performance.

EMDR can use imagery and be integrated with other approaches easily.

CBT is a well know therapy that is effective sleep, anxiety, trauma and performance.

It is an active therapy and it focusses in the maintaining factors of the difficulties.

CBT involves ERP, which is the gold standard therapy for OCD.

No, you don’t. However, we always recommend for people to reflect on what they want to take from sessions and/or what they would like to work on.

Therapy can last from 4 to 6 sessions for some people, and usually can take 8 to 14 sessions to work on specific areas. Sometimes, in complex cases session may be 20 to 30.

We are all individuals so best option would be to speak to one of our Mental Health Specialists.

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