EMDR for Performance

Peak Performance Therapy

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) can enhance performance by addressing psychological barriers and optimizing mental resources.

In performance-focused EMDR, individuals target negative beliefs, past failures, or performance anxiety hindering their success. Through bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements, clients reprocess memories of past performance setbacks or traumas, reducing their emotional impact. This promotes cognitive restructuring, replacing self-limiting beliefs with positive, empowering thoughts. Additionally, EMDR can bolster confidence, focus, and resilience, facilitating peak performance states.

EMDR for performance

By addressing underlying psychological factors, individuals experience improved concentration, creativity, and adaptability in their respective fields. Performance-focused EMDR offers a tailored approach to overcoming performance obstacles, unlocking untapped potential, and achieving optimal outcomes in various domains, from sports and arts to academics and c-level suit professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EMDR is a well research therapy initially designed for trauma. It differs from other therapies because it can be delivered using very little language. It is effective even when not disclosing your trauma to your therapist, this is called the “Silence Protocol”. This is ideal for high levels of shame.

It also can be used with other difficulties such as anxiety and peak performance.

EMDR can use imagery and be integrated with other approaches easily.

CBT is a well know therapy that is effective sleep, anxiety, trauma and performance.

It is an active therapy and it focusses in the maintaining factors of the difficulties.

CBT involves ERP, which is the gold standard therapy for OCD.

No, you don’t. However, we always recommend for people to reflect on what they want to take from sessions and/or what they would like to work on.

Therapy can last from 4 to 6 sessions for some people, and usually can take 8 to 14 sessions to work on specific areas. Sometimes, in complex cases session may be 20 to 30.

We are all individuals so best option would be to speak to one of our Mental Health Specialists.

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