Free Therapy Resources for Therapists - CBT - EMDR

Online CBT training and resources for mental health professionals

Deliverd by BABCP therapists and supervisors

Free Therapy Resources for Therapists

Thanks for landing on this page. We understand you are looking for free Therapy Recourses to support your practice or your development.
We have created and wide variety of resources that will support your practice.
These resources are free for you to use, if you reproduce them or use them for more than your practice, please be kind and honest and refer to us when doing so.

Are you looking for online workshops and training? Visit the EventBrite for CBT workshos and CBT free webinars.

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Are you looking for clinical supervision? Contact us below or visit the online cbt clinical supervision tab.

Flexible CPDs

CBT CPDs flexible and accesible

Affordable CBT training

Affordable CBT webinars and Mental Health workshops online for counsellors.

Online CBT CPDs

Online webinars and workshops for mentla health professionals - CBT - Mental Health


CPDs delivered by professional CBT therapists.


CPDs to continue developing your practice.

High Quality

Meeting the standards of practice of the BABCP and NMC.

If you are looking for CBT supervision with a BABCP Acredited Supervisor contact us on [email protected]