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Info on: EMDR Treatment Cost and CBT Online Price
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You may be wondering how much private CBT cost (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), or private EMDR therapy cost. Before you start your journey it is important, to know the price of private CBT and EMDR therapy. We can have a free consultation for online therapy.
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Online Therapy Cost


Assessment: From £85

  • Comprehensive and detailed assessment
  • Report letter can be provided if requested (at an extra cost)


50 TO 60 MINUTES Session: FROM £85

  • Online Therapy tailor-made to your needs
  • Flexible to you times and location
  • Values and Goals orientated
  • Ongoing Sharing, Learning to be your best self
  • Ongoing tailor-made well-being and mental health support


Longer/Intense 90 MINUTES Session: from £130

  • Intense therapy sessions (whether longer session or more regular) can lead to greater mental health and wellbeing improvements
  • More space to have a different pace
  • Some interventions may require longer sessions (trauma or PTSD)
  • Ongoing tailor-made well-being and mental health support


Unique Needs and Flexibility

  • Intensive therapy in South Wales, face to face or Online
  • In-person visits
  • Weekend sessions
  • Trainings or courses
  • Medico Legal/Insurance
  • First Responders
  • Other tailor-made requests, just ask

The above are the EMDR Session and CBT Online Costs and Prices

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Payments ought to be made 48 hours before your appointment. If you are not based in the UK and need other means of payment, contact me.


Bank transfer

Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment we accept. 


Stripe or Paypal

We also accept Stripe or Paypal payments. However, there may be a service charge for using them, so please discuss this with me before processing the payment. 

Cancellations and No Attendance

I understand that life sometimes gets in the way, and it is hard to attend online sessions. Therefore, I request all my clients to give a no attendance notice 48 hours before the session starts. If you do not provide cancellation or no attendance notice, you will have to pay for the session. However, charges may be halved or waved in exceptional circumstances as a one-off event.

If you do not attend the sessions without notice at all, you will need to pay the entire amount.

Further information on this is in the therapy agreement that it will send to you before the therapy starts. Read it carefully, sign and send it back to me.

Online CBT therapy enables people and companies to access a Specialist Therapist from anywhere and at any time

Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Online Eye Movement Desensization Reprocessing can reduce the difficulties of having to deal with some of the barriers to access good quality therapy