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Online CBT training for mental health professionals

Deliverd by BABCP therapists and supervisors

Welcome to Our CBT Workshops, CPDs, Trainings and Webinars!

We believe in the power of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to transform lives. Our workshops, Continuing Professional Development (CPDs) courses, and webinars are designed to equip qualified CBT therapists, professionals and CBT students with practical skills and knowledge they need to excel in their CBT practice.

CBT training and Mental Health Workshops explained

Workshops: Our online CBT workshops go from the core principles of CBT, to providing hands-on techniques and strategies to implement in both personal and professional settings. Led by experienced practitioners adn supervisors, these sessions offer a rich learning environment where theory meets real-world application.

CPD Courses: Stay updated and enhance your CBT practice with our Continuing Professional Development courses. These specialized programs look at advanced CBT skills and specilised CBT informed interventions, ensuring that participants learn .

Webinars: Engage with experts and thought leaders in the field through our informative webinars. These online sessions cover a range of CBT-related topics, fostering discussions, and providing valuable insights for personal and professional growth.

cbt cpds and workshops

CBT Workshops, CPDs and Mental Health training - Why us?

  • Expert Facilitators: Our CBT workshops, CPDs, and webinars are led by experienced CBT, EMDR and Mental Health Professionals with years of practical experience in primary, secondary and tertiary mental health services.
  • Interactive Learning: We prioritize interactive learning experiences, ensuring participants actively engage and apply their newfound knowledge.
  • Flexible Online CPD Events: Join us from anywhere in the world using Zoom and easy booking CBT and mental health training for therapists, counsellors and students. No matter your location, our courses are accessible and tailor-made from experimental practice.
  • Continual Support: Beyond the sessions, we offer the opportunity to receive ongoing support in the form of BABCP CBT Supervison, Reflective Practice Sessions and 1-1 training.

Who can benefit from online CBT Workshops and CPDs?

Whether you’re a qualified CBT therapist, a mental health professional, an educator, a counsellor, or a team looking to develop skills for your staff, our online CBT workshops and webinars cater to your needs

If you’re seeking to deepen your understanding of CBT or enhance your therapeutic skills, our workshops, CPDs, and webinars are tailored for you.

Check our Practical Mental Health Skills Events site, to find out upcoming events, CPD courses or Workshops for your needs.


Flexible CPDs

CBT CPDs flexible and accesible

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Affordable CBT webinars and Mental Health workshops online for counsellors.

Online CBT CPDs

Online webinars and workshops for mentla health professionals - CBT - Mental Health


CPDs delivered by professional CBT therapists.


CPDs to continue developing your practice.

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Meeting the standards of practice of the BABCP and NMC.

If you are looking for CBT supervision with a BABCP Acredited Supervisor contact us on [email protected]