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Caring About the Wellbeing of Your Team, being at your best partnership with your employees.
online cbt therapy for companies

Now, more than ever, the importance of wellbeing is being recognised worldwide. It’s taken a long time for society to acknowledge that mental and emotional health is just as important as physical health, and that these are directly connected, and Online CBT Therapy for Businesses and companies is in the best position to help.

Companies are embracing the evolution of the wellbeing movement for their employees and colleagues, within their organisation, and CBT for companies can be the best tool to get to your goals, through your company values.

With more time spent working, and with more people needing therapeutic support since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, businesses and companies everywhere are facing ever-increasing pressure to adapt to the changes and challenges that the pandemic has brought, and with that transition, comes a bigger responsibility to support workers and employees to be able to stay healthy and happy in the workplace.

Stress in the workplace is one of the most common occupational health issues. According to research by the Health and Safety Executive, more than half of all working days lost are now due to mental health problems in the UK.

I have seen this rise in my private practice. I continue to get an increase of referrals from Employee Assistance Programmes and Private Health Insurances. Sometimes, for reasons that could have been dealt with before getting to the tipping point. Hence, my view on it is “preventing better than curing”.

It’s amazing progress that we have reached a level of awareness that we can finally acknowledge the importance of mental health support, and this issue is becoming less and less taboo as the world grows into a greater state of maturity around this subject.

There have been countless studies over the years to show that counselling and psychotherapy can be an effective way of treating stress in the workplace, and enhance companies and business performance.

Through Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy counselling for businesses, we look at how an employee thinks about themselves, how they see others within the business, and what their perception of work is in the bigger picture. This approach to CBT counselling for businesses, is specifically useful for senior staff and team members at a higher end of the company.

How can CBT therapy help businesses and companies?

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As a professional CBT Therapist, I can work with businesses and people in the workplace to help employers to be in their best partnership with employees, which tend to lead to a healthy connection with their work, their working environment and managing their work-life balance for all-round better health, wellbeing and performance.

I work with clients to identify any negative thoughts and behaviours that might be affecting them at work, and also to help them recognise where those negative thought and behaviour patterns are stemming from. Then, through the use of various psychotherapy methods, I support workers by creating a safe space where we can explore these triggers, develop coping methods to help clients to self-soothe and change perspective, and eventually overcome the negative effects that these triggers may have.

I do this for individuals and using Online CBT Therapy for Businesses through:

CBT Therapy for companies is an excellent tool for managing stress in the workplace. It can help everyone on all levels to create a positive association with self-image, with colleague and peer relationships and with work tasks and motivation. Not only will employees reduce their workplace stress and feel happier about their jobs, but it will in turn increase work productivity and reduce sick days caused by poor mental health.

With Online Therapy services such as CBT Therapy, EMDR Therapy, Mental Health Support and Wellbeing in the Workplace Sessions, there are so many opportunities to help you and your team thrive and succeed together. Your employees have access to Virtual Therapy at their fingertips, and I can work with you to schedule confidential therapy sessions for employees and employers alike.

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How can an online therapist help my business?

The great thing about working with a private therapist like myself, is that you and your team get to experience the benefits of Workplace Therapy in a more personal way. I treat each individual as exactly that – an individual. A person. A unique client in their own right with their own individual strengths, weaknesses, needs and gifts to share.

It’s so important to look after your team. Not just for them, but also for your company in general.

If you have any questions that you’d like answered or you’d like to learn more about this, and if you’d like to have a chat to discuss Online CBT counselling for companies, or online CBT for your business, just send and email to: [email protected] or click below.

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