I am Jaime, the lead clinitian and director of The Online Therapy Clinic – Registered Mental Health Nurse with experience in Mental Health Units and in a community setting as well as I have General Medicine Experience. Having worked for the NHS since 2004, in 2021 I decided to become an independent psychotherapist. Since then, I have used my personal experience from working in NHS to deliver bespoke and tailor-made interventions to nurses and doctors, both still in training and fully qualified.

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What are the benefits for hospital staff?

Unfortunately, nursing staff in the UK are under such immense pressure that many feel they cannot provide the level of care they would like to their patients. What’s more, their pay is not appropriate for the level of responsibility and stress they must face at work, while also suffering physical abuse from patients or relatives. Hugely shocking facts. However, mental health, counselling and psychotherapy for nurses and health professional can be immensely beneficial. Most importantly, feeling understood, heard, and having shared experience allow nurses and hospital staff to cope and heal in a safe manner. It is especially important for nurses and hospital staff to learn how to deal with incidents of violence and aggression.

What support do I provide?

I am fully trained, qualified, and experienced in delivering Trauma Therapy and EMDR for nurses, doctors, Occupational Therapists and other health professionals. What’s more, there are huge benefits of having CBT sessions for work stress and performance anxiety. I can help you to work on reclaiming your private life as well as managing to implement work-life balance.

We can work together to learn how saying NO to request, delegating and accepting changes, can help you to relieve the pressure of work and day-to-day doings. What’s more, I can support anyone through any additional training and changing periods in their lives.

Are you looking for reflective session, that is also a good way to work on the impact of the work load. You can read here.

What about for trainees?

As a doctor or a nurse still in training and constantly “rotating” you are essentially changing your job three to four times a year. What’s more, this new job can be even in a different town or city. I know how stressful it can be. This in turn affects your performance and work-life balance. Plus, it just does not stop with that – you also must complete your portfolio work, learn new skills and prepare for and pass exams.

So YES! You definitely can benefit from mental health specialist support for health care workers in training and frontline staff.

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