What is a Mental Health Consultant?

Working long hours and having the general stresses of life, can alter anyone’s physical, financial, and mental health at work. In turn, especially poor mental health affects productivity, performance and staff turnover which put small and medium businesses under a lot of pressure. So wise and forward-thinking employers are already investing in tailor-made wellbeing services. For instance, it is advisable to have a mental health consultant who is a mental health nurse and specialist CBT and EMDR therapist, so they can provide the most tailor-made support service for the employees. The consultant’s role is to be a business partner doing advisory work for issues related to mental health and to promote staff wellbeing whilst creating resilience from within.

Benefits of having a mental health consultant for SMBs

A mental health consultant helps to take the pressure off senior management to create and implement wellbeing strategy that fit the organisation culture and target employees’ unique needs. Therefore, the managers can spend more time on areas of the business where they can be more valuable. Having a mental health consultant who can implement bespoke boutique mental health services for companies helps to promote a positive workplace culture, increase employee health wellbeing whilst ensuring the working environment is at its best for all employees. Investing in small and medium enterprises mental health has various benefits:

  • Burnouts are the things of the past – when taking proactive steps by looking after the members of staff mental health, it helps to reduce stress, so employees and employers are overall happier. This in turn then reduces absences.
  • More team cohesion – as staff feel better and their mental health is not suffering, they have a better mood and there is more team cohesion.
  • Retain and attract more talent – as an employer who cares about their staff by investing in their mental health and wellbeing, is driving a good reputation so they can attract and retain the best talent in their business.
  • Engaged employees – by having employees who feel looked after and cared about, is more likely to contribute to organisational success.
  • More productivity – employees who have a good mental health and wellbeing are work-ready so their productivity naturally increases.

Why work with us?

Our mental health consultants provide affordable workplace employee counselling through excellent communication and listening skills, so they fully understand and assess client’s situation and evaluate the level of their emotional and psychological distress. Our consultants also monitor progress on the client’s state and use different psychotherapy methods and treatment plans, such as CBT and EMDR, to provide employee wellbeing support.

We are small and client-centred, so we offer bespoke boutique mental health services for companies, which allow us to be flexible and very approachable.  

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