Why is it important to have workplace mental health services?

All of us could be affected by trauma or stress at work. In turn, the past trauma (PTSD) or on-going stress, when left unchecked, can have an overwhelming impact on day-to-day productivity and performance of a company or business. Therefore, it is vital to tackle this issue head on get help to manage stress at work. On your own, without a professional help, it is nearly impossible to solve these issues as trauma and stress are complex matters. Therefore, there is a need to invest time and money in corporate mental health services, which are crucial for staff retention, productivity, and overall mental health of the workforce.

What could be the right employee support program for trauma and stress?

Studies have shown that Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) EMDR effectively reduces symptoms of workplace trauma and can provide a possible protective safeguard in situations of ongoing workplace violence and stress. EMDR uses eye movements to process traumatic memories. Its aim is to aid you heal from trauma or other difficult experiences you have had in the past. For instance, you may have a colleague who just cannot seem to understand what boundaries are, which leads you to be triggered. If so, EMDR therapy can help you process those feelings and learn to react in a healthier way, through sessions provided by trained EMDR therapist who provides workplace mental health for business.

Why does corporate mental health service work?

Having the knowledge of how to manage stress at work is vital. However, it’s also critical that you can process that stress with a fully qualified EMDR therapist trained in the approach. This will help resolve any persistent thoughts or memories linked to stress or trauma, which cannot be sorted out on your own by not doing anything about it. As a matter of fact, as you begin participating in EMDR with your therapist, you are taught these techniques at the office. These include breathing techniques and meditation to help you stay in control and calm. The EMDR therapist can help to identify your trigger, understand your trigger, and manage your reactions. It does not have to be like this forever – employee support programs are an ideal approach for any business to look after their staff and their wellbeing.

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