Benefits of Online CBT Therapy and Remote EMDR for Clients On the Move

Who can benefit from remote therapy with an online therapist?

Whether you’re an international worker, a contractor, a remote worker, someone who does not like waiting areas, paying parking, or simply a client who loves to travel a lot, there is absolutely no reason why your wellbeing and therapeutic support should take a back seat during your travels.

Today, more than ever, therapy is accessible and affordable, wherever you may be in the world. As long as you have a working telephone or computer and a working internet connection, you can attend your therapy or counselling sessions and embrace the benefits of Online Virtual Therapy.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020, businesses, employees and workers everywhere were thrown into a prolonged period of remote working, and we all very quickly had to get used to doing things a different way.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the whole situation, but I think it’s fair to say that the sudden transition brought on by the pandemic made the adjustment difficult for many employees and companies around the world. The future of work has changed for all of us in both positive and negative ways.

benefits of online therapy

One advantage of this change is that as we have been learning to make the transition from in-person communication to virtual communication, therapists everywhere have been working hard to adapt the way we work. This has actually meant that we can reach more clients in times of distress.


 Speaking for myself as an Online CBT Therapist, I have found that my ability to provide CBT Therapy to people who need support has actually increased since the pandemic, because I can now provide flexible virtual therapy for remote workers and travellers who aren’t able to come to in-person CBT Therapy sessions.

This has given a world of opportunities to people to access and expert online therapist!

I now work with people from all over the world, from all different backgrounds and cultures, and I can work together with more clients and support them to be their best selves

Online Therapy has helped so many people make positive changes to their mental wellbeing, and these people may not have been able to take the steps that led them to their healing path if they hadn’t had the option to do this online. For many people, traditional routes to treatment are just not accessible or practical.

Is remote therapy as effective as face to face therapy?

At its core, Online Therapy is very similar to face-to-face therapy. The quality of the Online Therapy that you receive is just as high as the quality of CBT Therapy that you would receive in a therapist’s office, but with the flexibility, accessibility and the reduction of the boundaries that face-to-face therapy bring with it.

You’re still talking to a professionally-accredited CBT Therapist for a (typically) 50–60-minute session. The difference is that instead of travelling to their office and discussing this in-person, you are either attending your session on a confidential video call or voice call, or if it suits you better, then you can choose to conduct your therapy session by any means, from video to call, or typing to each other online. You get exactly the same level of confidentiality, compassion, guidance and support as you would if you were sitting opposite your therapist in an office.

This means that you can discuss your thoughts and feelings with me, as your therapist, from any device and in any location, at any time of your choosing – as long as you have access to the internet. This could be on your lunch break, on the train, or in the comfort of your own home – you can simply schedule your Virtual CBT Therapy with me, and we can work together as a team to make sure that you get the support that you need to process and explore your emotions, share your troubles and embrace your therapeutic journey in a safe, flexible, empowering way that suits you wherever you are in the world.

online cbt counselling to be your best self

What does and Online CBT Counsellor do?

As your Online CBT Therapist, I will work with you to identify, connect and change beliefs, behaviours and patterns on a physical, mental and emotional level. I may work with you to help you do this by:

  • Intention Setting
  • Goal Setting, Planning & Inspired Action
  • Sharing and Talk therapy
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Self-soothing and Positive Self-talk
  • Visualisation and Imagination Techniques
  • Identifying Negative or Destructive Thought and Behavioural Patterns
  • Identifying Negative Patterns and Habits that Impact Performance.
  • Using Positive Reinforcement Activities, Exercises, Methods & Techniques to Overcome Challenges and Improve Performance

CBT is a time-limited intervention and tends to be regular – usually weekly. However, when working with different individuals, situations and difficulties, the interval of sessions may be shorter or longer, depending on the needs of each client.


Is virtual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) better?

Or just different?

In fact, it is as effective as face to face, with the gain of being flexible.

Virtual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or remote EMDR light therapy, is a great option for people who travel a lot, work remotely, live in areas where may not have access to a specialist therapist, or are unable to make regular weekly sessions to the same postcode, for whatever reason.

What is the best therapy for people who are not resident in the same place?

The short answer is: any internet base counselling intervention. With Virtual Therapy, you can embrace the benefits of high-quality Online CBT Therapy whenever it suits you and wherever it suits you!

The therapy I provide, whether is Online CBT or online EMDR therapy, is best placed to deliver intervention to work on your individual needs, regardless of where you are at any time.

If you are thinking to change jobs, or relocate, and want to begin your journey to be your best self, then online psychotherapy is for you. I work around time zones and I am flexible with my clients.

If you are a reporter, and are being send back and for to various areas, you can access therapy any time.

It may be as simple as you going on holiday from your day-to-day duties and stressor, and want to continue working on what matters to your emotional wellbeing. Online CBT Therapy or Online EMDR can be with you in that place.

How to find an online therapist?

If you have any questions that you would like answered, and if you’d like to find out a little more about Online CBT Therapy and the advantages of Virtual Therapy, then please feel free to get in touch, and we can arrange a 15 minutes free consultation.


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