What is Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Online Training?

First Aid for Mental Health is the initial support that we can provide to someone who may be experiencing difficulties with their wellbeing.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Online Training is flexible and focussed, to get you to be a great support for others.

It also encourages people to recover and to promote wellbeing and good mental health, by signposting to professional services, and to alleviate suffering and give reassuring support, when within your remit of practice.

MHFA training online

What will I learn In the MHFA Online Training to become a Mental Health First Aider?

As MHFA aider you will develop skills to identify some of the early signs of some of mental health difficulties.

You will learn to communicate in a compassionate, respectful and non-judgmental manner. You will also will develop basic skills so to discuss difficult subjects, such as self-harm and suicide.

You will be able to identify what factors may be contributing to this within the workplace, so you can become a champion within your organization and support people around you to be more open and secured to express their mental health needs.

Also, we will look at how to signpost people for support, with the work place, the NHS or the third sector. You will be able to support colleagues when most needed.

We aim to develop the following skills to Mental Health First Aider:

  • To be a point of contact
  • To start supportive conversations
  • To listen and communicate (compassionate, respectfully and non-judgmentally)
  • Reduce Mental Health Stigma
  • Signpost and encourage contacting professionals
  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Contact Emergency Services if needed

We want to empower people to be a role model, and to be able to have open conversations. Also, through the MHFA Online Training we aim to break through some of the barriers put up by organizations, and society, so Mental Health First Aiders can be at the forefront of the support for people’s wellbeing.

How many MHFA levels are there?

There are various levels we can teach to individuals or organizations:

MHFA training online options:

Mental Health Awareness Training

First aid for mental health awareness – FAA level 1 award – 4 hours

First aid for mental health awareness – FAA level 4 award Scotland – 4 hours

MHFA for Adults Trainings

First aid for mental health – FAA level 2 award – 1 day

First aid for mental health – FAA level 5 award Scotland – 1 day

First aid for mental health leading – FAA level 6 Scotland award – 2 day

First aid for mental health supervising – FAA level 3 award – 2 day

MHFA for Youth Training

First aid for youth mental health – FAA level 2 award – 1 day

First aid for youth mental health – FAA level 5 award Scotland – 1-day

Who is MHFA training for?

Mental Health First Aid can be accessed by anyone.

People looking to enhance their skills and improve their CV and work opportunities.

Community leader who wants to be able to cater to their community psychologically, and begin to normalize psychological suffering.

It is also central for companies to be in best partnership with their employees, and being able to support employees when at their most need has been at the forefront of many enterprises.

Accredited Mental Health First Aid for youth, it is ideal for education, community or support networks of those who work or deal regularly with young adults.

You can join one of our open courses delivered online, you can check our Eventbrite profile to check what is coming up.

Alternatively, you can contact me to a bespoke course delivered to your employees. Furthermore, if you are a company or business owner and looking to improve your mental health provision, you can contact me and we can discuss a tailor-made package for your unique needs. You can count with the expertise of an online therapist to make the most of your employees’ wellbeing.

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