How does Online CBT therapy for Businesses and Companies work?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has been shown to be a successful short-term intervention for anxiety, stress and performance enhancement. As well as, online CBT being one of the best therapies to deal with day-to-day difficulties.

If you are thinking to support your company’s employees with CBT counselling this can take various forms, from CBT sessions online to CBT courses.

Online CBT for companies

Leaders, Management and Senior Staff Mental Health Support

CBT for companies, especially online CBT counselling, can empower management to reflect on own difficulties and how this impact on junior staff. This can be in the form of CBT supervision, as well as CBT therapy, by an Online Accredited CBT Therapist like myself. You can check the BABCP register to find my status.

Also, companies with nationwide and overseas bases, where management or senior staff, travels and remain for brief or long period of time, can benefit from a flexible and tailor-made scheduling of sessions. There is more and more evidence how online CBT and online EMDR are as effective as face to face therapy.

CBT Therapy for Junior Staff and Workers

Online CBT therapy for businesses can support junior staff to deal with day-to-day work stress in small, medium and large companies, who want their business not to be impacted by their employees internal believes and actions that may impact unintentionally to the success of the company. This can be done on a group setting. Remotely CBT is and ideal option to companies, as reduces the cost for the company and the need for staff to attend to venues if working remotely or overseas. Also, there is an argument for companies wanting to reduce their carbon footprint to reduce emission by reducing travelling (from the online cbt therapist and employees).

3 great things onlice cbt therapy can do for your business

3 great things about Online CBT counselling for companies!

  1. Flexibility

  2. Confidentiality

  3. Inclusivity

6 areas where an in-house or a dial up remote therapist can do, when your business needs support.

Support staff to develop interpersonal and emotional problem-solving skills, and resiliance.

Consultancy on dealing with staff experiencing mental health difficulties, whether these impact on the company or not.

Get regular staff debriefing and 1-1 support scheduled on your organisation. This can be monthly quarterly or ad-hoc, and can be used to review people and problem solve any difficulties that may be coming up from employees or management and impacting on the company harmony and balance.

Support with distressing situation, debriefing of incidents and regularly have mental health first aid refreshers for company’s first aiders.

Be in the best partnership with your staff, helping them to be their best.

Managing stressing situation for salespeople, management, directors, as well as working on increasing confidence and performance, for meetings or sales pitches, that are difficult or there is too much to lose.

online cbt therapist for businesses

Online mental health support has been increasing and as been shown to have as successful outcomes as face-to-face support. Investing in online CBT, or mental health, for employees and companies is a way of ensuring the sustainability of your business, and your employees.

If you are looking for a be-spoke package or for a consultation about Online CBT for your business, get in touch.

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