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Definition of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

GAD in simple terms is the excessive and uncontrollable worry about day-to-day things, which may be triggered due to uncertainty, and use to manage anxiety. This excessive worry overtakes peoples’ mind and sometimes leads to tiredness, fatigue, poor concentration, irritability and other physical problems.

The diagnostical definitions/terms of GAD set in the DSM 5 can be found here. It is important to remember that not everyone agrees with this definition, however, this definition is the one that is used for research and diagnoses purposes.

You can also find further information here, provided by UK NHS.

My practice

If you are thinking what treatment there are for GAD, CBT has a good research body. I have special interest to work with GAD and OCD comorbidity, as in my practice this has presented many times.

In my day to day practice, I use the Dugas and Robichaud GAD protocol, as has a good research data and good outcomes for the majority of people. However, this is adapted and personalised to you. Many times, the techniques and the skills apply, but the formulation varies. If you want to understand about formulation on CBT click here to see my blog entry.

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There are some online/pdf questionnaires you could take to measure GAD. These are not diagnostic tools. I use them in my practice to guide therapy, but I do not diagnose any disorder.

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