Recent traumatic event and crisis management in sports after team or individual defeat - Support for athletes

It may seem difficult to understand and to see for some people, how losing a game, missing a ball or having an important defeat, can impact someone aptitude towards the sport they love the most.

sleep therapy for athletes and performance

This event may lead to poor sleep, performance and avoidance. It sometimes we continuously remember this event and cannot “let it go”.

Through my experience as a trauma and anxiety specialist therapist, I have work with people in the sports and corporate world that find past event, which may seem insignificant, continue to return when there is another similar effect. They have changed the way the think and feel, and there are more “should’ s” than they would like.

How can therapy work with traumatic sports defeats or unexpected events? - My practice

If you are a team and noticed you have not overcome a defeat and continue to lose regardless all of you efforts. We can deliver G-Tep or Group recent event trauma therapy to your team.

This enables the natural process of your mind to heal, and to come to terms with the defeat.

If you are a club looking for fast response, I am here to help. We can have a traumatic debrief as well, after the defeat or the unexpected loss. If you are a sports club and want to contact me you can either click on the contact me button or email to [email protected] .

You may play an individual sport, and since the defeat you do not feel the same about your game. CBT or EMDR are perfect tools to help you both to come to terms with the past, and move forward.

If you want to know more you can contact me below for a free 15 minutes conversation.

sleep therapy for sports athletes

Is online therapy the right fit for sports personalities and athletes?

Short answer yes!

You get confidentiality, flexibility, accessibility, whenever and wherever you are. I can work around your needs.

You can set when and how you want therapy, across time zones.

I can also deliver face to face therapy to teams, clubs or individuals if needed in the UK.

sports sleep performance therapy

What about performance?

Working in past events, and developing a tailor-made therapy plan for your current needs is what we want.

If your goal is to improve your performance then we can get you there.

If you want to have a better sleep… we will get you there.

If you want to work on childhood traumatic memories, not related to sports… we will get you there.

Get in touch by for a free consultation.

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