Online Mental Health and Wellbeing Groups for Employee Support

What we do together to support your team’s mental health, is so you can be in their best partnership and they can be their best selves.

Online Mental Health Webinars, Groups and Therapy for Employees, Teams and Leaders.

Our online group support provides various approaches for staff wellbeing an d mental health online and face to face. All of them tailor-made to your needs, in a flexible and accessible manner over video conference.

We strive to provide the highest quality online Mental Health and Wellbeing Groups and webinars we can, so you get what you need, when you need it, and wherever you need it.

We can run employee assitant programs for wellbeing and mental health online, and if within UK employee support face to face.

These courses teach employees a set of skills, which are designed to help manage private day to day difficulties, and reduce work stress management.

Some employee support courses might be more interactive, depending on the number of staff attending and the intend of the course.

However, these are NOT online therapy. We do not expect any employee or member of a team to share their experiences.

We discourage people to share their personal experiences as these may be unconfortable for them and others.

Why we do this?

We care for your wellbeing and privacy. These groups may be large and we have not pre-assessed others, as these are not therapy groups for employees.

Our employee wellbeing groups and courses range:

  • Dealing with Procrastination Course
  • Improving Sleep
  • Assertiveness Course
  • Managing stress
Employee Support Group Therapy

Group Therapy are usually smaller groups that may involve participation and exploring shared difficulties.

These are often designed for events that employees have found traumatic, or when big changes occur in a company.

Staff joining these groups may have been pre-assessed by us and there is a strict confidentiality and respect to others.

These groups will involve joining the group from a place that there are not others around, and respecting others’ opinions and experiences.

Employees are expected to have their camera on, if the employee support is done remotely.

These groups are delivered to companies or business, or government/public sector. If you have arrived here, you can check our corporate page for further information.

Our employee assitance support therapy groups are tailor-made to businesses needs:

We have designed groups for Leaders, C-level employees and Executives, which are intense and include 1-1 sessions.

Short Mental Health and Wellbeing Webinars for Employees

We deliver a wide variety of short wellbeing and metnal health courses for staff.

We focus on giving the best research based skills and information for your teams to make the most of these mini-course.

We deliver MHFA awareness.

We can design these to meet your company needs, in a flexible way.

We have a variety of webinars, we can deliver, to support your employees mental health and wellbeing. From new Dad’s mental health, to sleep.

Contact us.

If you are looking for Mental Healh Consulting for Employee Support we hare here to help.

Online Therapy Groups, Webinars and Wellbeing Courses, enables staff to access wellbeing and mental health services in a confidential, private and flexible manner.

Online EAP Support and Therapy Groups, anywhere, anytime, all the time.